About Us

About the Hemp Room Cafe and Shop

Welcome to The Hemp Room Café and Shop, we hope you’re sitting comfortably, and if you aren’t, we may be able to help you with that.

What We Do

Information about CBD (cannabidiol) and Cannabis and its many health benefits and uses need to be made available to everyone and must be done in a non-biased and informative way.

The Hemp Room Café will not be making any medical claims…we aren’t permitted to. We can say however that there is growing evidence that one day Hemp will be accepted as the most extraordinary plant to have ever grown. That raises many questions…and we know it’s good to talk!

Our History

The Hemp Room Café was established in 2020 by Claire Watson, although there are CBD cafes becoming more popular in the U.K, The Hemp Room is the first of its kind anywhere. We have a light and sensory area for children with neurological issues, an open kitchen where you can see our chef cooking with hemp…all of our delicious food is infused with hemp oil, seeds or butter, informative literature all around the café about hemp, CBD and cannabis, quiet chill out area for breastfeeding Mum’s, private and confidential consultation area, and not forgetting, you also have the option to have CBD Isolate added to your food and drink if you are really embracing your endocannabinoid system!

Come and Visit Us

The Hemp Room Café and Shop is warm, welcoming and relaxing… whether all you require is a delicious Rijo42 takeaway CBD latte, or one of our delicious hemp infused meals, we can accommodate your every need. We also provide private and confidential consultations if there is anything you need to discuss with us regarding implementing CBD to your daily routine, and we provide and after-care service for you too so you won’t be alone once you leave us.

Thank you for visiting our website and from all of us at The Hemp Room Café and Shop…WELCOME!!!!